all about gun ainm

Gun Ainm is a luxury unisex streetwear label with a mission to celebrate artists.

It was started in 2020 by Glasgow based couple Ella d’Aguilar, a graduate of London College of Fashion, and Cam Friell.

Supporting artists

Our idea is to showcase talented, independent artists through a different medium – streetwear.

We work with selected artists for each collection. Each garment is an exclusive collaboration, on which the artist’s name features alongside the brand.

made in the UK

Bringing manufacturing back to Scotland has been a real driving force behind Gun Ainm. The declining knitwear and clothing industries in Scotland have led to poverty-affected areas where once thriving industry operated.

We feel proud to produce garments that have “Made in Scotland” on the label.

Slower Fashion

We aim to encourage slow fashion by creating timeless, quality garments produced locally.

Designs are also produced in small runs. Each garment features a number so you know which one you have from the limited release.

You can read our sustainability report carried out by Serena Coccioli. It highlights our strengths as well as areas we need to work on moving forward as a sustainable brand.

social responsibility

Gun Ainm takes its responsibility as a new brand in the market to show how things can be done within the U.K.

We take into account the life cycle of our brand and how it affects the environment and the society we operate within. Our goal is to run a brand that can grow and provide further jobs while keeping in mind the effects we have through our actions.

If we all work together we can support fair and sustainable fashion.

future plans
The future looks uncertain but we hope we can keep creating exclusive pieces with emerging artists while continuing to grow as a community and a brand.
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